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What to Do When You Get a Traffic Ticket

Getting a speeding ticket will add your points to the traffic record and increases your insurance rates. To many traffic tickets will lead to suspension of your license. The cost of a traffic effect is not cheap and will be higher in some states.

Fighting the Ticket

Even if fighting consumes time and money, it is worth trying. Hiring an attorney is more expensive. That is why most people prefer paying for a ticket. Contesting requires you to go to a traffic court. If you are not able to appear in court, your attorney can represent you.

Upon hiring an attorney, the case will have two results; either the judge not finding you guilty or the officer not being present in court. If found guilty, the judge might reduce your fine. In some states, like California fighting a ticket can be done by writing an affidavit or declaration. In case you had a passenger in, you can use him/her act witness to help you win the case.


This is a way of negotiating with the prosecutor. It is done by reducing your penalty. In mitigation, you will admit to the traffic offense then the judge will lessen the fine. However, the judge can decide to make you take a driving course instead of paying a fine or pay the ticket without affecting your driving record.

Seeking mitigation is effective if you do not have a traffic violation record before. Some judges might reject, and you will have to pay the fine. Going to a defensive driving school will meet a court order and reduce the penalty.

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Pay Ticket

The amount on the ticket will be determined by your speeding level and the location of your state. In some states, you will pay a higher fine than others. Most people prefer paying for the ticket and get moving. Make sure to pay the ticket on time to avoid additional charges and penalties.

The points that will be added to your license record will cause your insurance rates to go up. Send your payment and a copy of the citation to the courthouse. Once the court receives your fine, your case will be closed.

Attend a Defensive Driving School

As long as you are eligible, you can go to traffic school. The court will tell you what you need to go to traffic school. If it is your first time to get a ticket, you can join the school, and your record will still be clean. The cost of insurance will reduce and the points on your record.

In states such as California, you are only allowed to attend driving school once every 18 months. The courses are only available in California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, and a few others. A defensive driving course can dismiss a ticket. You need to check the requirements with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).