injury claim what to know

Important Things to Know Before Filing an Injury Claim

Personal injury means physical or mental harm caused to a person because someone was negligent. It may also be described as bodily injury. The damages are mostly paid when one is injured, and they have a good case against the person who caused the accident. Before one file for this type of case, here are the important things to know before filing an injury claim

Accidents covered under personal injury

It has been a common belief that personal injury covers motor vehicle accidents only. One should know that it is just that motor vehicle accidents are the most common. The others include boat accidents, plane crash, products that are defective, bites from dogs and other animals, home accidents and lack of provision of necessary security among others.

What to do after an accident

One should first see a doctor then recuperate first. One should not talk to any person including the insurance company or the attorney for the person who caused the accident. This is mainly because whatever one says will be used against them. In case they need anything, they should talk to your attorney or your insurance company. Since most attorneys do not charge for the first consultation after the accident, one should feel free to contact them.

Who not to talk to

injury claimOne should not talk to an adjuster of the person who is at fault. In most instances, the adjuster will sound friendly to you so that they get what they need to use against you. Some also give one an offer to cater for the medical expenses since they are aware that they owe you so much more. This is usually an attempt to have them pay you less than what you deserve. If asked to sign the Release, do not do so. One should also not talk to the person at fault’s attorney or representative. Neither should you talk to other healthcare providers.

If not sure of if you have a case or not

It is necessary that one protects their rights. One should get a lawyer t give them professional opinion since the initial consultation will not be charged. Since not all injury claims become lawsuits, your attorney will help you in negotiating for a fair settlement.

What is covered by a personal injury claim

One should get damages for the expenses incurred because of the accident. This includes but is not limited to the medical bills incurred for treating the injury, the wages the person could not earn after the injury which also includes overtime, pain, trauma both physical and emotional, scars, physical disability and damaged property incurred as a result of the accident.

Who pays your attorney’s fee

The person injured should pay their attorney’s fee. In most cases, the attorney’s fee is usually on a contingent basis. This means that one pays the fees after they get paid for their damages. If no damages are paid, one will not pay the fees. The fees may be a certain percentage of the amount you will be awarded.